Your Favorite internet music radio station for entertainment, fun, friendship and love, bridging the communication of all Filipinos across the globe.
Where Music Never Stopped!

Favradio is a member of IBA & IAIB - International Broadcasters Associations, is a voice for global radio broadcasters.
Contribute to the expression of different social, political and cultural movements, and to the promotion of all initiatives supporting peace, friendship among peoples.

Favradio Mision & Vision

Our aim is to set up an internet radio station and recruit the most dedicated of DJ's on board our station with vast knowledge on music (song artist and title), who will be able to sustain the public interest, to entertain different kinds of people of different ages, and learn, train and exude the professionalism in broadcast stations.

We aim to provide interactivity with the audience through online messaging like Chatbox, Yahoo Messenger and Skype applications to broadcast your greetings, requests and dedications. You can now choose from a range of songs just check out our request page.

Founder/CEO Welcome


Welcome to the Favradio Station. Favradio (an online radio station) Favradio features Classic Rock, Dance, Romance, and Varitety of Music, local and international news and weather, special programming, community updates and information about OFW worldwide and the Philippines.

As a internet radio station our focus is to provide the OFWs, listeners and people in the surrounding areas and visitors to our website with entertainment and informations awareness. We the OFWs enjoyed and will entertain in this relaxing beautiful dessert area. We are hoping for enjoyment, fun and be connected with our love ones in the Philippines.

History Favradio

Favradio was a combined words of Favorite and Radio, born and founded on December 29, 2009, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by Ainhoa, a 29 years old, working as Executive Finance Secretary of Saudi Binladin Group, at first published the first website favradio. tk. A word Fav was also taken from a nick name of a person named Oman a dancer, who loves music and entertainment, Ar'ar tried to have some fun (just a tripping) to think the possibilities of broadcasting his voice and his own music live via the internet.

He collaborated with his friend Talib who was currently a DJ, to cooperate in broadcasting, Ainhoa started to used his knowledge in Web Page programming, programmed and designed a website www. favradio . tk to build a internet music radio station in the kingdom and widen its broadcasting in the Philippines and across the globe bridging the communication of our love one's in the Philippines worldwide.With the help of the internet, they have successfully build a music radio station, where they have started to became Djs and recruited Dj Laurence and Dj Rhain, Dj Lucky in the Philippines.

Favradio begun to have the facebook fan page, yahoo, skype and twitter account. For 24 hours of broadcasting, favradio hired Dj Rock & Dj Nabz in Saudi Arabia and Manny Vega Linsangan in Jeddah that contributed much for the new dynamic designed of favradio website and favradio has registered its own and paid domain to www.favradio.fm and sooner to broadcast via radio transmitter.

Favradio Social Networks

Favradio Station was managed by the Fonder and supported by Favradio Disc Jockeys and its group admins. As part of widening Favradio, dick Jockeys and its admins created a lot facebook group having different category of entertainment The created groups are " Favradio Pick-up Line, Favradio Fav-Ibig, Favradio Sulai, Favradio Teens & Students, Fav Aling and Manong (FAM), Favlayboy & Favlaygirl 69, Favradio Pasaway, Favradio Hubag na Pikat, Fav Cute Boys & Girls, and Epingan Favradio With more than 130,000 Fans and another 38,000 in our new Facebook Fan Page and more than 38,000 members in Favradio Main Group excluding the other group, as part of members support, members and listeners of Favradio created diffenent Fan Signs

Organizational Structure

Special Thanks to Manny Vega Linsangan for making stunning flash and animated vidoes for favradio